Project Portfolio


Sectibots: Arduino Project

Project with Arduino C/C++ Coding 

With the theme of “Frontiers of Ecological Interaction” in mind, my team and I explored today’s technology and the issues that arise between man’s actions and the natural world though this project.

Having to learn how to use the Arduino and C/C++ coding language from scratch, it was a challenge, but my team and I eventually coded, sewed and created the prototype of the "Secti-bot" - the world's solution for a global infestation of mutant ants. 

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The T Project Documentary:
A Shelter For The Homeless Trans People In Singapore

Our team worked with the T Project organization for a period of 3 months, fostering relationships with the shelter manager and residents in order to produce this short documentary. 
The T Project Documentary provides a peek inside Singapore's first transgender shelter. Shelter manager Eztelle explains how T-project was started, and how it helps homeless trans people to integrate back into Singapore's society. Many trans people were kicked out of their homes at a very young age as their families do not understand their gender identity, and they also find it hard to survive in a society where trans people are not even equal opportunities in the corporate world. The T-Project shelter was thus started to create a close-knitted community that provides professional help and care for the homeless trans people in Singapore.

*Names of T-Project Shelter residents are censored to protect their identity. 

The T Project Facebook Page:
Music: Gone by Bennett Bay

Photovoice Project for Blog / Website Publication
& the T-Project exhibition

In a seperate project, myself and a new team went back to the T-Project shelter to embark on Community Based Participant Research (CBPR) through the Photovoice method with the shelter residents. We felt that through Photovoice, the photos taken by participants could reveal underlying personal issues that would provide us with a deeper understanding of their lives. 

We conducted a Photovoice workshop with 6 selected participants from the T-project to guide them on the sub-topics for photo-taking and on some simple photo-taking techniques. We then gave out disposable cameras to each participant, who were required to take up to 39 photos within two weeks time. After doing so, we collected primary data for interviews with each participant individually as they explained to us what the photos meant to them. 

To document the process and update on the weekly progress of the project, we created an online blog that is accessible to all - including the participants. The blog also served as the visual outlet for us to exhibit the personal photos taken by the participants. The public can also read stories and interviews with the participants and have a look at the exhibited photos to understand more about the transgender community in Singapore. We hope that this blog can gain more viewership and reach policy-makers who can actualize the solutions proposed by the project participants - you can access the blog by clicking on the button below.